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Welcome! We provide all the tools, guidance, and support needed on the path to clinical social work licensure. Take a look around and explore the services we offer, our experience, and our commitment to future clinical social workers.

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At the Polaris Connection supervision is viewed as the North Star for Social Workers on their path to clinical licensure. Supervision is a critical step in one's professional career that builds upon education with the practical support and real life experience to arrive at sound, ethical, and objective practice. We value and honor this step in one's professional career and are committed to providing an experience that lasts beyond the life of clinical supervision. 

The Polaris Connection believes in the value of "the village" and group supervision offering an opportunity for a unique type of village. A village allows you to grow in ways that would otherwise be impossible if we evolved independently of one another. Our village is made up of enthusiastic, inquisitive, innovative, and supportive individuals who offer their unique perspectives and experiences. There is inherent and exponential growth in the symbiosis of a village; However, individual supervision is offered as we understand there are circumstances that are unique to the individual clinician and client, and call for additional focus. 

At Polaris, we strongly believe that each social worker having a personal anchor grounding them in their reason for choosing this field is invaluable. We would be honored to be your guides in finding your own anchor.

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Tracy and Sarah have a combined 20 years of experience in clinical social work. They became colleagues in 2013 and quickly realized that they had common interests, shared goals, and values. Their styles are slightly different which, when combined, enhances their forces to produce successful and innovative changes in the care provided to their shared clientele. Over the years this partnership has led to improvement in service delivery, community awareness, collaboration, and continuity of care. Additionally, Tracy and Sarah are proud of their successful presentation at the 2016 National Council for Behavioral Health. This led to Tracy and Sarah being interviewed and published by Mental Health Weekly on the topic of Innovative Leadership.

Their drive for innovation has resulted in the creation of The Polaris Connection. Tracy and Sarah strive to provide supervision to those working toward their clinical licensure in a way that provides a unique and lasting experience for the supervisee. They recognize the inherent power of the connection created by a group of individuals with a shared goal. The design of the clinical group construct affords the opportunity to examine a variety of experiences through a multifaceted lens. Experience is personally and vicariously gained through the shared learning experience. This provides an opportunity to expand on existing knowledge while challenge existing perspectives.

With Polaris, you will be matched with one clinical supervisor, while benefiting from the experience and expertise of two. The group dynamic will be a collaboration between both supervisors and their collective cohort of supervisees. The opportunity to collaborate and draw from each other’s experiences provides more robust conversation, knowledge, and clinical confidence.

Supervisees can expect to be in a cohort of 4-10 colleagues, who will be in group supervision for 2 hours, bi-monthly. Individual supervision is provided upon request or recommendation by the supervisor.

If you are interested in a unique, innovative, and dynamic supervision experience, we’d love to hear from you!

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Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

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