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Sarah has over eleven years of clinical experience providing behavioral health services to children and adults in community-based, outpatient, and inpatient settings. Sarah’s expertise lies in psychiatric crisis intervention and response, trauma, and interdisciplinary treatment coordination. Sarah is an avid advocate for the de-stigmatization of mental illness and centers her practice on the belief that every individual deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and that we are all united by the human experience. Sarah is also passionate about life-long learning to facilitate constant personal and professional growth.

Sarah’s own deeply meaningful supervision experience led her to become a State Board of Social Worker Examiners approved Clinical Supervisor herself. Sarah recognizes that each person’s learning style is different, and offers a dynamic approach to supervision. This approach provides the flexibility to meet individual needs by drawing from a variety of theoretical models as well as professional experience to enhance the supervisory experience.

Sarah’s career has led her from direct service provision to administrative roles, which has allowed her to influence and experience change at each level of social work practice. Sarah considers teaching one of the most rewarding aspects of her work. She is experienced in sharing her expertise in various training settings, ranging from providing large-scale trainings in a conference forum, mental health trainings directly to organizations, to the provision of clinical supervision to both undergraduate and graduate students.

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